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Welcome to our brand new website. We at Statewide Traffic Control supply a dedicated  fully trained onsite management team, ensuring a solid working partnership with huge emphasis on safety and industry standards.

Welcome to Statewide Traffic Control


Statewide Traffic Control Pty Ltd is an industry leading specialist in the provision of traffic management solutions and traffic planning.   Statewide Traffic Control is committed to providing a safe, quality, cost effective service to our clients whilst taking every measure to ensure we do not affect the environment in which we operate. 

Working with a large range of clients from Federal, State and Local Government to large, medium and small private enterprise our experience within the traffic control industry enables us to meet the demands of our clients in an ever changing world and industry.

Established in 2000, Statewide Traffic Control operates across 13 branches in 6 states.  Our reputation has been built on our people, we employ experts within the industry and with a workforce of over 600 accredited and professional controllers we provide services in the following areas;

  • Road Safety Management
  • Tailored Traffic Management Planning
  • 24/7 Traffic Management Services
  • Event Management
  • Accredited Traffic Control
  • Equipment and Signage hire
  • Permit Applications